1.Normally we just use the DHL Express as its more fast,safety and professional.

DHL Delivery Time : Normally around 3-7Days deliveryto Europe,USA ect.

2. How to calculating the DHL shipping cost

1For calculating theshipping cost, please visit Sender from Shan Wei City, China.

FirstCalculate the weight, each pair of cufflink weighted 19gams, thereforethe number of ordered cufflinks× 19g total weight.

SecondGet the quoted price form DHL page, quoted price×50%*fuel chargesshipping cost.

NoteMost of the cufflinks are weighted between 13-23grams, a very few are in23-29grams, we unified 19 grams each. 

This weight is including the paper boxand plastic bag.

2Please follow the shippingcost you received from and order list. Please don’t calculate it based on the actual weight.

3Boxes items or extrarequest packaging have different shipping cost, the sales team will communicateand confirm with you.

4For tracking your shipped items. Please check it at (effective after 24-48 hours of shipment made.)


3.We can shipping by other company like EMS or UPS,Fedxe ect,

Please contact our salesman that if you have this require.


4.And we also can shipping to your freight forwarding in china.

Please send us E-mail the chinese address,and after we will let you know the china S.F Express shipping cost to your freight forwarding address in china.